March 30, 2011 - St. Pauls

  • Wednesday, March 30 at Noon
  • Preview: March 29 from 1 PM to 7 PM & March 30 from 9 AM to Noon
  • Auditorium, St. Paul's Church, 15 Columbus Avenue
  • New York, NY

We open our 2011 auction season, our third year of fashion & textile sales in New York City, with an incredible selection of new-to-market treasures. Our March 30th sale will be held at St. Pauls auditorium in mid-town Manhattan. Once again, this sale consists primarily of items from museum collections and other items out of public view for decades. With many institutions represented, there will be a wide variety of eras and categories included in the auction lots of historic costume and textiles.

To Be Sold

The sale features: European and Asian treasures from the 17th through late 20th centuries: rare 20th C. vintage & designer garments, abundant 18th & 19th C clothing, hand embroidered & woven textiles, exceptional heirloom laces, early Chinese & Tibetan garments and textiles, a grouping of carpets including another 17th C. Spanish carpet, many beautiful paisleys and quilts, Japanese embroideries, shoes, hats, bonnets, beaded bags and other fashion accessories. Twentieth C. features include Pucci stewardess uniform, TWA paper dresses, mechanic & transit authority work uniforms, 1890s Brooklyn policeman uniform, Bonnie Cashin archive, designer jewelry and more.


These rare objects had been hidden away for decades in storage facilities of many legendary American museums and institutions: The Brooklyn Museum (NY), The Chrysler Museum (VA), The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (CA), Goodwill- Miami Valley (OH), a major American Quilt Study collection as well as selections from other institutions, estates and individual consignors.

Sale Details

This sale begins promptly at 12 noon on March 30th.

All lots will be displayed for preview at the gallery on March 29th - 1 pm to 7 pm 
& again the morning of the sale - 9am until noon.

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