March 21, 2012 NYC

  • March 21, 2012
  • Preview: March 20 from 1PM to 7PM & March 21 from 9AM to NOON
  • 59th & Columbus, St. Pauls' Auditorium
  • New York City

Our March 2012 Historic Fashion & Textile Sale promises be be another great one with fashion from the legendary Brooklyn Museum Historic Costume Collection, Georgian & Victorianjewelry sold for the benefit of the Costume Collection of the Museum of the City of New York, quilts from a major institutional collection, evening gowns worn by Maria Hawkins Ellington (Mrs. Nat King Cole) with additions from many other institutions, estates and private collections.

Featured selections –  printed Frank Lloyd Wright fabric – 17 yards;   20th C. designers including Norell, Gernreich, Trigere, McQueen, Chanel, Cardin COUTURE from Dior, Desses, Patou, Molyneaux; many 20’s beaded dresses,1930’s Erté fabric dress, lamé shawls, coats & capes; 19th C. shoes, hats, parasols, handbags;  Battenburg lace garments, 18th C lace, Turkmenistan & other ethnic clothing, Suzani's, a large Paisley collection, 19th/early 20th C. Quilts,  Military including Grant GAR Presentation sword & Archduke Leopold collection of early 19th C  European embossed brass hat emblems.

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