Most of the collections we sell at auction come from museums and other institutional consignors. We also accept important pieces from estates and private consignors with some limitations. These are reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if they will complement the museum pieces we have earmarked for upcoming sales. Please note that we specialize in historic fashion and textile pieces and do not sell general antiques.

A list is posted below with items that we are generally seeking (or not seeking) to offer to our worldwide customer base at public sale. We will not accept a collection that is only suitable for our annual DISCOVERY sales unless those items are accompanying special items for our online catalog sales. Because of tracking and paperwork constraints, we generally look for a consignment of 15 or more lots. For unique or very important pieces, we may waive this limitation and auction a small consignment of special pieces for you. Just ask.


Of Particular Interest:

  1. 19th & early 20th century women’s Evening & Cocktail clothes
  2. Designer & Couture pieces
  3. Work & Sport clothing (swim suits, riding, motoring etc.)
  4. silk & lacy Lingerie
  5. Printed cotton & linen clothing
  6. 18th - 19th century Corsets & women’s foundational garments
  7. 19th C -1940s Men’s Day or Work clothing
  8. Men’s 18th C garments
  9. 18th-19th century Military,
  10. Ethnic clothes & Textiles
  11. Chinese Robes & Textiles
  12. Western Textiles;
  13. large Handmade lace pieces (shawls, veils, wedding hankies, tablecloths)
  14. Fine, Ethnic & designer Costume Jewelry

  Not of Interest:

  1. 19th- 20th century Cuffs & Collars
  2. White Petticoats
  3. Victorian Black Dresses
  4. WW2 & later Wedding Gowns
  5. Mink, Beaver or Squirrel Coats
  6. Men’s Formal Wear
  7. 1950 & later Women’s Wool Suits
  8. Synthetic Lingerie
  9. Coats & Day Dresses (unless major Designer)
  10. Infant/Children’s White Clothing (printed/colored yes)
  11. 1950 & later Hats & Gloves (unless designer or unique)
  12. woven 19th C coverlets
  13. machine made Lace
  14. machine made Textiles


To start the process, please send a general inventory list of the number of garments/textiles along with a short description of the item and condition. If you know any family history or provenance for  any of the items, please share that with us also. Include the era and any condition problems for each garment. Send this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please include basic photos of any items that you wish to consign. If they have identifying or designer labels, please photograph the labels also. (You can just shoot the items on a hanger or laying on a bed with a mobile phone camera. We don't need anything beyond a simple snapshot.)

 If you have additional questions, please call our studio at 802-463-3333 to reach a staff member. Your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be directed to the appropriate staff members in charge of accepting consignments and will be responded to promptly